Our Cheese 

Our handmade approach packs in freshness, yet an old world flavor that takes you back to a time when cheese went straight from the cow to the dinner table. You will notice a hint of familiarity in our timeless classics such as our cheddar, yet you will taste something new. Our Swiss variations are full of discovery for cheese enthusiasts, and our rendition of mediterranean-style Halloumi has Chef's excited!

Available in wedges and whole wheels.



Everyone loves this fun and simple snack, it's healthy, mess free and delicious!

We make fresh cheese curds ready for pick up on the farm at 3:30 pm every Thursday!

Did you know?

Curds squeak when they are freshest and at room temperature!

Ideally, you want them right off the farm in their first 48 hours of life. If you place the bag in your fridge to preserve, you will lose the 'squeak' but don't worry; your cheese will maintain it's deliciousness for another week.

Curds are also famous in Canada, and enjoyed in a classic Canadian dish known as Poutine; consisting of french fries and curds, which are then topped with gravy!

Available in plain, bacon, red pepper, garlic and jalapeno.



We make Halloumi! This is a special Mediterranean-style cheese that does not melt!. It can be grilled on your BBQ or fried without oil, and it does not lose it's consistency.

Chef's love it, as it allows for creativity and is absolutely delicious all on it's own.

(Photo Credit: courtesy of our friends at Whiteface Lodge, Lake Placid, New York State)



A raw milk Raclette style cheese; it's mild flavor comes out when it's melted.



North Country locals love their hot pepper, so we made a cheese to please. Sharp & Spicy!


Whiteface Cheddar

We are not sure if we named it after the locally famous mountain, or because our twist on this American classic gives it a white hue! Either way, it's great melted on a burger, as part of a cheese plate, or all on it's own.

Available in plain, with bacon bits and smoked which we highly recommend!


Mount Titus

Our version of a Gruyere; it is produced as a raw milk cheese that is aged at least 60 days. It is mild and nutty, and you get a hint of old world Swiss flavor.

Mt. Titus received an Award of Excellence at the 2012 New York State Fair.


St. Regis

For those who like adventure, this variation has a sharp, buttery taste which we have available in plain or with red pepper for those who like a bit of kick.

We hear it is excellent used in Mac n'Cheese.

Hint: Cheese is best enjoyed at room temperature when eaten on it's own.